10 Tips for Avoiding Identity Theft

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Protecting your identity and your secure information is more important now than it has ever been. In the age of digital hacking, you may feel like there is no way to keep your information completely protected. However, there are some very important steps you can take to keep your information secure and prevent identity theft.

When identity theft occurs, those that steal your information may use it to purchase items, ruin your credit, and even take out loans, all of which hurt your credit and can permanently stain your record. Our Los Angeles identity theft attorney, Howard D. Silver, has decades of experience helping those that had their identity stolen regain control of their information, their credit report, and their finances. If you are in need of legal help with your identity theft case, please contact Mr. Silver today by calling (855) 341-2611.

Here are ten tips that can help you keep your identity safe from thieves:

  1. Request a free copy of your credit report -- you need to know what your baseline credit report looks like and can monitor to see if anyone has opened accounts using your information
  2. Make purchases from trusted sites -- only shop online with stores that have verified and safe credit card processing, like Google Checkout or PayPal as other non-verified sites may not be secure
  3. Don't get caught when someone else is doing the phishing -- if a web address doesn't look right or a website is asking you for information you don't normally have to give, it may be a phishing campaign by a hacker trying to get you to share your pertinent information with them
  4. Secure your network -- make sure that your router is locked and that your Wi-Fi signal is secured and password-protected
  5. No spam, ever -- spam or junk emails may seem enticing, but, if you don't know the source of the email, don't open it and don't click any links within it. Oftentimes, the viruses within these emails can access your information
  6. Keep sensitive information safe -- never put sensitive information on a site that could be accessed by someone else, like Facebook, for instance
  7. Create banking alerts -- contact your bank and ask for alerts for certain conditions, such as large transactions or being overdrawn on your account
  8. Keep passwords fresh and complicated -- a good password shouldn't contain dates or names that could be guessed, should be a mixture of capital and lower case letters, symbols and numbers, and should be changed frequently. Also, don't reuse your password
  9. Choose the optional security questions -- when a site offers to create security questions that must be used to login, always utilize them and choose questions with answers that aren't easy for someone to guess
  10. Keep what's private, private -- never put personal information on a public computer and, if you must login to a private site on a public computer, make sure you logout and delete your information when you're done

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We hope that these steps can help you to protect your information and ensure that you're never the victim of identity theft. However, if you are in need of help because your information has been stolen and used in a manner that has ruined or hurt your credit, our Los Angeles attorney can help you. Please contact the Law Office of Howard D. Silver today by either filling out the form on this page of calling (855) 341-2611.

Posted Date: 
Monday, September 14, 2015