7,200 Mazda Cars Recalled: Fuel Leaks, Fire Hazard

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued a recall for 2007 Mazda automobiles with California emissions systems.

According to the NHTSA recall notice, the protective PVC coating found on the outside of the fuel tank of the 2007 Mazda may have been damaged during the assembly process. The PVC coating acts as a barrier against coercion. If the PVC coating is breached, it may allow rust to weaken the tank causing fuel leaks and increasing the risk of fire.

As part of the recall, Mazda dealers will inspect the protective coating on the bottom of the fuel tank for damage. If damage is discovered, the fuel tank coating will be repaired; or if necessary, the fuel tank itself will be replaced.

Up to 7,200 models could be affected by this recall. Owners of 2007 Mazda cars may call the company directly (1-800-222-5000) to determine if their vehicle is affected by the recall. Mazda owners may also get more information about this recall at the Offices of Defect Investigation site by entering the NHTSA recall campaign ID number: 08V41200.

The recall system is intended to protect the consumer from widespread defects in a given model of car. Most manufacturers have discovered that being proactive about recalling faulty cars saves money and preserves customer goodwill in the long run.

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