Are Vehicle Mechanical Defect and Safety Inspection Programs Effective?

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While thinking about potential vehicle defects, design flaws, or mechanical problems can be a little daunting, it is important for motorists to be aware of possible risks associated with their vehicle and to stay on top of maintenance and repair.

According to a Patriot-News story, there has been a significant amount of debate throughout the United States over whether vehicle safety inspection programs are effective. New Jersey and Washington, D.C. have recently eliminated their vehicle safety inspection programs, citing claims that no conclusive evidence demonstrates the necessity for these tests. On the other hand, a 2009 Cambridge Systematics Inc. report commissioned by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation states that without vehicle safety inspections, the number of Pennsylvania fatal car accidents could be expected to increase between approximately 127 and 169 accidents each year. The study also concludes that inspection programs “appear to be a significant factor in lowering fatal crashes” throughout the United States and that a reduction in deadly accidents is most prominent in vehicles that are over 3 years old.

Moreover, a study conducted in Missouri, which requires vehicle safety inspections, concluded from 2006-2008 fatal accident figures, that one in 120 fatal accidents in Missouri involved a vehicle defect, compared with one in 84 defective vehicle-related fatal crashes in states that do not require inspections or have restricted inspections.
Less than 20 states require car owners to get regular vehicle safety inspections. While some states that have cut inspection programs assert they will save millions annually, the question remains as to whether motorists in these states may be at heightened risk due to mechanical defects or other safety issues that are potentially overlooked or undetected in the absence of required inspections.

As a consumer, you have every right to assume that your vehicle’s use, value, or safety will not be affected by a defect or an otherwise irreparable problem. However, some vehicles do turn out to be lemons. Although encountering this issue poses many challenges, a California lemon law attorney can help you assess your options for obtaining a replacement vehicle or refund of your money. Call Howard D. Silver today at (855) 341-2611 for a free consultation.


Posted Date: 
Wednesday, February 18, 2015