Are You Buying a Used Car? Do You Know How to Protect Yourself?

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Used Car Protection | Los Angeles AttorneyWhen purchasing a used car, you may not realize that used car dealerships can sometimes keep pertinent information from you in order to maximize their sale. In fact, used car dealers can sometimes keep details from buyers including information about the warranties, quality of the vehicle, and mileage on the car, and more.

With these things in mind, here are some tips that can keep you protected when purchasing a used vehicle:

  • Arrange your financing before you go to purchase your vehicle – compare your finances in order to find the best deal. Be wary of purchasing any vehicle that has a salvage title and ensure that your vehicle can be financed ahead of time.
  • Ensure that you know the entire cost of the vehicle – used car dealerships might not be forthcoming about all of the prices and fees involved in your purchase, so be sure that you know the entire cost of the vehicle before your sign any paperwork.
  • Always test drive the vehicle – make sure that you can hear, see, and feel anything that might be wrong with the vehicle.
  • Check the registration of the vehicle – if the registration isn’t current, you may have to pay extra fees.
  • Find out all information about the warranty -- warranty information is vital when purchasing any vehicle, so make sure you know all of the details of your purchase.

Our Attorney Can Help

If you’ve purchased a used vehicle that turned out not to be in the condition you were told, was older or more used than you were told, or had a false warranty, our lawyer, Howard D. Silver, can help get you compensation. Please contact us for a free case review by calling (855) 341-2611. We proudly help clients in Los Angeles and the nearby California areas.

Here are some more tips on how to protect yourself when purchasing a used vehicle.

Posted Date: 
Friday, January 20, 2017