Attorney Howard Silver Explains How to Process A California Lemon Law Case

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Los Angeles lemon law attorney Howard D. Silver has dedicated his career to protecting the rights of consumers and has years of success assisting consumers with their vehicles. Years spent in the field have given Howard Silver an in-depth knowledge of the California Lemon Law formally known as the Tanner Consumer Protection Act.

To get a new replacement car or your money back in exchange for your lemon vehicle, a consumer must meet the following requirements:

  1. Repair Attempts. The vehicle cannot conform to the warranty after a reasonable number of repair attempts. In other words, you brought the vehicle to the manufacturer’s authorized repair facility over and over for a serious problem and it’s still not fixed.
  2. Compensation. If your vehicle is a lemon you are entitled to your money back or a replacement vehicle. This may include rental car charges, payoff of your vehicle loan, DMV fees and reimbursement for your down payment and monthly loan payments.

Navigating the lemon law can be difficult for a consumer. For assistance with your lemon case, call San Bernardino new car lemon law attorney Howard D. Silver at (866) 49-LEMON.