Beware Car Insurance Scams in the Mail

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Although everyone is familiar with email fraud scams consumers must also keep their guard up for more old fashioned scams sent by regular mail, as reported on by The Washington Post.

The Washington Post detailed the experience of a reader from Washington, D.C. who received an “official looking” letter in the mail. The letter resembled one that a person might receive from a large corporation, with the outer edges perforated for easy opening. On the front it read “time sensitive document inside” and “second attempt at sending.”

Inside, it informed the reader that the factory warranty on her car had expired or could expire soon. In the case of this particular Post reader, however, the letter was highly suspicious as her car is a 1965 Ford that she purchased two years after it was made. She was well aware that the factory warranty ran out more than 40 years prior.

But, if she purchased the car in 2006, the tactic might have been less suspect and more effective, as intended by the group sending it. So, be careful out there! These types of companies have no relationship or affiliation with car makers or dealers, and prey on consumer fear and vulnerability.

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