Beware Flood of Storm Damaged Vehicles

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Long after the floods of Hurricane Irene have subsided, car industry officials are cautioning buyers about another impending hazard: a deluge of potentially thousands of water damaged vehicles destined for the used car listings. This is a somewhat common occurrence after significant storms, as reported by The Star Ledger. However, due to the especially large amount of damage this season, the phenomena is expected to be exceptionally bad.

Trouble begins when a car that’s been damaged in a storm winds up in a junk yard. There, a dishonest individual or merchant may acquire it, give it time to dry out, superficially rehabilitate it (despite fatal flaws under the hood unseen by the average buyer) and sell it to a buyer in another state, one official with told the Ledger. And by transporting a vehicle across state lines, as it changes titles and hands numerous times, merchants can convincingly mask most problems (referred to as “title washing” in the industry). Experts expect these kinds of tainted vehicles to appear on the market during the next few months and continue affecting consumers for an extended period of time.

In an effort to avoid fraud when buying a car, Edmunds officials advise buyers to stay hyper aware of any potential evidence of water damage, which may manifest itself in the form of tarnished flooring or seats, foggy headlights, a must stench, rust on the components or undercarriage, or grime in odd spots. If you’ve been the victim of car sale fraud, California used car fraud lawyer Howard D. Silver can help determine the proper course of action and an aggressive path towards remuneration. Call 1-(855) 341-2611 for a free consultation with Howard Silver today.