Beware of Leasing a Used Car in Southern California

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car-silver-3622302.jpgInvestigations into used car leases from Southern California auto dealers have uncovered that dealers are able to exercise options that can potentially harm consumers. Although leasing a used car allows consumers with tight budgets to quickly and easily gain access to a vehicle with smaller payments, the method actually benefits dealers much more than consumers.

Because the consumer is only leasing the car, it means that the dealer still technically owns the vehicle. Also, when someone misses a payment, the vehicle can quickly and easily be repossessed by the dealer. In addition, a Bankruptcy Court judge cannot reduce lease payments, leaving newly broke consumers unable to reduce their lease accordingly.

Leasing used cars also allows dealers to reduce tax liability, with the tax paid by consumers given to the government by dealers over a longer period of time instead of in one lump sum at the beginning.

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