Buying Lemon Vehicles Can be Avoided

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An informative article in the Boston Herald gives readers some good tips about doing your homework before buying a used car. According to the article, the most common mistake car buyers make when they buy a used car, is not getting the vehicle checked by a mechanic before buying. In fact, more and more consumers are getting duped and stuck with lemon vehicles or becoming victims of car repair fraud because they are not doing their homework before buying a used car.

According to this article, the percentage of people calling their local Better Business Bureaus with inquiries about car dealerships is on the decrease, but the number of complaints filed against dealers has increased. Recent research by the Better Business Bureau of Eastern North Carolina has also shown that fewer disputes between car owners and dealers are getting resolved, which means fewer dealerships are working the problems out with the consumer.

The article suggests a few things car owners should do before driving off the lot with their used or certified used vehicle. Here’s a summary of some of the tips offered to prospective used car buyers:

  • Check out the vehicle’s history
  • Verify the dealership’s record with the Better Business Bureau or the Attorney General’s office to see if complaints have been filed.
  • Take the car for a test drive and get it properly inspected by a licensed mechanic

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