Buying a Used Car? Protect Yourself from Additional Fees

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Consumers throughout the United States seem to be watching every dime with the current state of our economy, especially when considering buying a used car. Despite a person’s heightened budgeting, some individuals do not anticipate the potential for additional fees when buying a used vehicle.

Before you actually purchase the used car of your heart’s desire, it is important to be aware of the total cost: used vehicle price, down payment, interest rate, and monthly payments. However, a WTVM report includes a few other potential fees that the Georgia MEA Federal Credit Union warns consumers against. Some of these extra costs may include dealer preparation, documentation, delivery, extended warranties and gap insurance.

Based on the article, the National Automobile Dealers Association anticipates the purchase of over 7 million car and trucks during April and August, particularly since consumers tend to buy vehicles more often during the spring and summer months than other times of the year. Even though the excitement and possible urgency of buying a used car may tempt an individual to make an impulsive and quick buy, it may be worth it to invest a little more time in finding the best financing deal for a used car in addition to the vehicle’s actual price.

If you are thinking of buying a used car in California, please refer to California lemon law attorney Howard Silver’s Consumer’s Guide to Buying a Used Car in California for more information. It is vital that consumers not only save as much money as possible and feel confident in their used car purchase, but that a consumer takes extra care in making sure that the used vehicle they purchase is not a lemon. When consumers have a solid understanding of their rights, they are less likely to be stuck with a lemon vehicle.