Cadillac to Recall Over 11,000 CTS Models Due to Rear Suspension

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An article from ABC Action News reports that Cadillac has announced a recall of over 11,000 of its 2009-2010 CTS models due to a rear suspension problem that can cause the rear wheel to turn freely. The defect is caused by a wax coating on the rear link jam nuts that can make the nuts loosen and separate the toe link. When this occurs, a driver may suddenly lose control of the vehicle, possibly resulting in an accident.

A representative of General Motors stated that a clanking sound should be a warning to consumers that the nut is loosening. If this occurs, consumers should take their vehicle to a dealership, where the problem will be fixed by cleaning the wax residue and installing two new jam nuts. If necessary, the rear suspension toe link will be replaced as well. Owners are urged to contact GM at 1-866-982-2339 or at to see if their vehicle is included in the recall.

Automobile manufacturers have a responsibility to consumers to produce vehicles that are free of defects. A vehicle with an irreparable problem creates many challenges for a consumer. Some of these hurdles include being without transportation and repair costs, not to mention the physical and emotional toll the stress of the situation can take.

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