California Leads In Air Quality Standards, Auto Buyer Protection

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California has taken an aggressive lead towards making sure that cars driven in this state are safer, more fuel efficient and more environmentally friendly than vehicles elsewhere in the country.

A recent news story featured in Reuters highlights the lead taken by California in auto emissions standards. Governor Schwarzenegger praised President Obama for recommending that EPA leaders should re-evaluate their refusal to let California regulate air standards.

California has some of the most stringent auto emissions standards in the country as a result of public outcry over deteriorating air quality in Los Angeles, San Francisco and other major cities. The story mentions that other states are ready to follow California’s lead on vehicle emissions.

California also protects automobile consumers with a comprehensive set of regulations regarding the quality of cars sold by dealers in the state. The California lemon law establishes the number of repair attempts allowed before the car is considered a lemon.

These lemon law requirements are even tougher on safety defects. Just as the State of California recognizes the importance on regulating emissions to improve overall state air quality, the state also recognizes that insisting on safe, reliable cars improves the driving environment for everyone.

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Posted Date: 
Wednesday, February 18, 2015