California Lemon Law Will Protect Military Personnel Stationed Here

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California’s Lemon Law will now protect members of the military stationed in the Golden State. According to a news article in the Marine Corps News (), an amendment to the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, a portion of which is better known as the Lemon Law, was changed Jan. 1 to protect all military personnel stationed in California.

The Lemon Law basically protects consumers who buy or lease a motor vehicle that is still under the manufacturer’s warranty. If the vehicle has recurring repairs, malfunctions or problems that affect the use, value or safety of the vehicle and if the manufacturer is not able to fix the problem, this law requires that the manufacturer either give the consumer a full refund or replace the vehicle. Often, the consumer does not have to accept what the manufacturer gives as a replacement vehicle and does have the option to insist that they get a refund instead of a replacement.

Before this amendment to the Lemon Law was enacted, the law only protected consumers who bought vehicles in California. The new change to the law will now allow military service members to qualify for relief under the California Lemon Law even if they bought their vehicle in a different state. Service members will be able to file a claim under the California Lemon Law if their vehicle’s manufacturer sells vehicles in California and if the service member is stationed in California at the time of the vehicle purchase or at the time at which the Lemon Law action is filed.

This is great news for members of the military who are stationed in California. If you are stuck with a lemon, no matter where you are in the country, especially if you are a member of the military stationed elsewhere, you should be able to hold the auto manufacturers responsible for their products. If you or someone you know is stuck with a lemon vehicle, call California Lemon Law Attorney Howard Silver to find out how you can make lemon juice out of your lemon. Call us today for a free consultation.