California Quick Guide to Branded Titles

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Brands are descriptions of conditions in a vehicle’s history usually placed on the vehicle’s Certificate of Title or registration card. Brand information should be clear and specific to ensure that vehicle owners and prospective buyers are aware of what has happened to the vehicle in the past.

California Vehicle Title Brands

Currently the state of California recognizes a handful of vehicle history brands that are required by the California Department of Motor Vehicles to be disclosed on the title:

• Non-USA: Not all countries have the same vehicle standards as the USA that repairs/retrofitting that has been performed on the vehicle must be disclosed.
• Original Taxi (Prior Taxi): Vehicle used for hire and may have extensive mileage
• Remanufactured: Car has been rebuilt with used or reconditioned parts
• Salvage: Car extensively damaged, possibly junked. Cars with this brand can be repaired and returned to the roads; if so, they will bear a Revived Salvage brand.
• Warranty Return/Lemon Law Buyback: Car returned to dealer or manufacturer under the terms of the California Lemon Law. Defects may still be present.

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Posted Date: 
Wednesday, February 18, 2015