Car Defect-Related Lawsuits on the Rise

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There has been a recent proliferation of lawsuits being filed against major auto manufacturers for defects with their vehicles. The most recent, high profile situation involves Toyota Motor Corporation, which has recalled almost 20 million cars this year due to problems with involuntary acceleration. In fact, The Dallas Morning News reports that coupled with more systemic financial woes affecting most major auto manufacturers, juries may be inclined to award large settlements to plaintiffs in these cases.

Lawsuits against auto manufacturers had been on a downward trend the last few years, owing in part to the bankruptcies of GM and Chrysler. However, the industry’s economic recovery in recent months has spurred a renewed wave of defect-related lawsuits. The last major wave of these types of suits coincided with the Ford and Firestone tire recall in 1998.

Government agency sanctioned recalls lend further strength to defect-related lawsuits, as plaintiffs are able to use manufacturer response time to consumer complaints during litigation. The increase in consumer lawsuits will almost certainly encourage car companies to tighten safety monitoring in the hopes of avoiding further financial losses in the future.

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