Car Owners Complain that Secret Warranties are Costing Money

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In recent years, car manufacturers have been under attack for instituting what have come to be known as “secret warranties.” Officially called service bulletins by the industry, manufacturers will issue these bulletins when they discover a defect in one of their vehicles that isn’t safety related. Unlike a safety recall, service bulletins are not widely publicized. Consumers often are not provided notice of the bulletin. There is no automatic reimbursement for prior repairs, and they often include expiration dates.

According to a 9 News Now article, a common complaint among car owners is that they were never made aware of service bulletins and their entitlement to manufacturer-sponsored repairs. As a result, consumers may pay substantial amounts of money for repairs for something the manufacturer acknowledges is defective. Once consumers are made aware of the existence of a secret warranty, the company may agree only to pay for the most recent repair or may claim the warranty has already expired and refuse to pay for anything.

California Civil Code Sections 1795.90-1795.93 provide certain rights and protections to California car owners. Dealers or manufacturers may be required to disclose to buyers service bulletins that have been issued for their products.

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Posted Date: 
Wednesday, February 18, 2015