Chrysler Recalls Defective Vehicles For Manufacturing Flaw

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Chrysler is recalling more than 5,500 2008 Dodge Magnum and Charger sedans because of a manufacturing defect. According to a report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a manufacturing defect could cause the half-shaft in the rear wheel drive vehicles to “disengage from the wheel hub,” lose power and then crash without warning.

Chrysler dealers are saying they will replace the rear axle hub nuts. Owners of these vehicles should already be getting notices of the defect in the mail. If not, you should contact the manufacturer or your dealer and get them to inspect your recalled Dodge Charger or Magnum.

If your vehicle has a defect that cannot be repaired to conform to the manufacturer’s warranty, it may be a lemon entitling you to a free replacement car or full refund plus the money you spent for rental cars, towing and other expenses.

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