Colorado Men Arrested for Stealing and Reselling Vehicles

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In a brazen case of theft and fraud in Colorado, two men allegedly stole used vehicles from unassuming sellers who had posted ads online and then resold the stolen vehicles to unknowing consumers.

According to All Headline News, the two men (ages 33 and 22) stole the cars one of two ways. The first was to meet the seller to inspect the car, take it out for a test drive alone and never return. The second way was by writing fraudulent checks. A seller, interviewed by KWGN, said he was thrilled when one of the defendants offered the asking price for the car he was trying to sell online for his wife. However, later, when he went to cash the check and the funds were not there, he realized he’d been duped for more than $12,000. The second string of victims who unknowingly purchased the stolen vehicles realized the fraud when they could not obtain proper titles for the cars.

According to the court indictment, the men conned 17 different parties. They now face as much as 24 years behind bars and up to $1 million in penalties if convicted in violation of the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act. Police say there may be additional victims associated with the case that have not yet surfaced.

This once again reminds consumers to never allow a seller to rush a purchase, always require reports and titles, and quickly abort suspicious situations or ones that seem too good to be true. If you think you’ve been the victim of used car fraud in California, contact Los Angeles used car fraud attorney Howard D. Silver at (866) 49-LEMON for a free case review.