Credit Card Changes Coming in 2013 Look to Battle I.D. Thieves

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To prevent identity theft, MasterCard is planning on debuting a new credit card with numerous technological upgrades for I.D. theft protection, as reported by The theft prevention technology in the cards stems from an LCD screen in the card itself. The touch screen will allow consumers to input codes to encrypt the card. For purchases made with the card online, a new security code will be generated for each transaction, rather than simply using the one printed on the back of most cards. This way, thieves cannot simply write down the numbers and use them without having the card. Additionally, the magnetic strips on the cards may be able to be rewritten after every transaction, keeping the exact code from being stolen and used over and over. Finally, users may have to type a password into the card each time before it is used. Therefore, if stolen, thieves will be unable to access card numbers and other information While these new advances in technology give consumers hope for a safer future, not everyone will be able to protect themselves so thoroughly. If you or a loved one has fallen victim to identity theft, contact Riverside I.D. theft victim lawyer Howard D. Silver at (855) 341-2611 to learn more about how our legal team can aid you in your recovery.

Posted Date: 
Wednesday, February 18, 2015