The Dangers of Buying a Vehicle from a Used Car Dealership

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An article published by online news outlet details a recent class action settlement regarding a Grass Valley, California used car dealership. Over 100 customers were charged improper tire fees after purchasing used motor vehicles through the dealership, which now has to pay each customer $350. The cars were purchased between 2005 and 2009, and customers were charged a tire fee that only should have applied to new tires.

According to court documents, the class action was sparked by one couple who purchased a used 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier from the dealership in November of 2007. The couple was charged a tire fee that only applied to a purchaser of new tires and were also informed they would need to buy gap insurance in order to receive financing. Within a month of purchasing the vehicle, the couple discovered multiple problems, taking it in to the dealership for repairs. Unfortunately, more and more damage was discovered, which led the couple to believe that the vehicle had been misrepresented at the time of purchase.

When the couple attempted to get out of their contract, the used car dealership offered them $3,000 when the couple had paid $9,000 the month before. After hiring a California lemon law attorney, they filed a lawsuit that settled for $22,500.

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