Defective Jetta Prompts Ohio Woman to Pursue Lemon Law Lawsuit

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An Ohio woman has stated that she will file a lawsuit with the Attorney General’s office regarding recurring problems with her leased Volkswagen Jetta. According to, the woman experienced problems with the air conditioner several times and the clutch while the vehicle was on the freeway. The woman had been leasing the Jetta for 11 months before the vehicle began having problems. After taking it to the dealer the first time for the air conditioning problem, dealership mechanics were unable to find anything wrong with the car. When the clutch broke, the woman again took the vehicle in for repairs. The problem was fixed but she no longer felt that the vehicle was safe and wanted to return it to the seller.

Unfortunately for the consumer, however, her request for a lemon law repurchase of the vehicle was denied.

Stories like this one occur more often than one would think. In California, if a problem with a vehicle persists after a reasonable amount of repair attempts (usually four), then the owner may be eligible for a refund of their money or a replacement vehicle using the California lemon law.

If your vehicle has needed to be repaired multiple times for the same problem, and yet the problem still persists, you may have a lemon vehicle. Howard D. Silver is a California lemon law attorney and can help answer any questions you may have regarding your vehicle. To learn more about your rights as a consumer, contact Howard D. Silver at 1-800-49-LEMON for a free consultation.