Defective New Kia Soul Prompts NHTSA Investigation

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The Kia Soul is currently under investigation for a possible manufacturing defect that could result in complete loss of driver steering and limited braking capabilities, Reuters reports. The NHTSA received a complaint from an owner of a two-month-old Soul that the steering shaft detached from the steering wheel of the vehicle, completely inhibiting the driver’s ability to steer. The broken shaft fell to the driver’s side floor and blocked the vehicle’s brake pedal, further compounding the car’s loss of control.

The NHTSA often waits until receiving multiple complaints about similar defects before launching a preliminary investigation. However, the agency determined that this particular case warranted pre-emptive action because the vehicle was so new and had so little use, and the problem was unlikely to have been caused by excessive wear to the part.

Kia, which is an affiliate of the Korea-based Hyundai Motor Company, has indicated that it is fully cooperating with the NHTSA investigation and is committed to ensuring the safety of all Kia vehicles. If a recall were issued, it would cover more than 51,000 vehicles.

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