Does the Lemon Law Automatically Extend the Auto Warranty Period while Repairs are Being Made?

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The California Lemon Law provides you with protections in the event that you purchase a defective vehicle. However, an important criterion that must be met in order to qualify for protection under the lemon law is that your car is still under warranty. In some instances, repairs can take longer than you might expect, especially when the vehicle is defective. Fortunately, your warranty gets extended, or tolled, while your vehicle is being repaired.

You are extended the following rights under the California Lemon Law:

  • Your warranty will be tolled while your vehicle is with the manufacturer for repairs. It will be extended for the number of days that your vehicle is with the dealer for repairs.
  • Your auto warranty period will not expire until the defect has been corrected.
  • If the dealer's repair efforts failed to correct the problem, you must notify the dealer within 60 days after the repair was completed.
  • Your warranty period is also extended if the dealer failed to make the necessary repair attempts required to fix the problem. However, in order to toll the warranty period, the circumstances causing the delay in repair attempts must be the fault of the dealer. If your actions prevent the dealer from making necessary repair attempts, the warranty period will remain intact.

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Posted Date: 
Tuesday, December 30, 2014