Emergency Rooms: A New Target for Identity Thieves

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Recent arrests across the country have shown that identity thieves have begun targeting potential victims at the moment they are most vulnerable, not just financially, but physically. According to a report by ABC News, workers in hospital emergency rooms have begun to take advantage of their workplace in order to victimize seriously injured people in their time of need.

A hospital registry clerk in Richmond, VA was recently sentenced to three years in prison for stealing the identities of at least 130 victims, all of which were somehow connected to emergency medical services at the hospital where she worked. Because they were able to access the personal information of patients, their loved ones, and methods of payment, the clerk was able to open up credit card accounts with the stolen information.

Through investigation, including searching the clerk’s home and tracking of purchases, police found jackets, boots, high end clothing, cash, a log containing victims’ personal information and evidence that the clerk had applied for more than 130 credit cards in other people’s names. With these newfound sources of income, the thief caused a total loss of more than $50,000, which came as a shock to most victims, especially when they discovered that their theft came from a hospital!

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Posted Date: 
Wednesday, February 18, 2015