Federal Agents Investigate Multiple 7-Eleven Stores for Identity Theft & Worker Abuse Ring

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A total of nine people were recently arrested for running an apparent identity theft scheme that included forcing employees to work hundreds of hours with little pay at 7-Eleven stores. According to ABC News, owners of 10 New York stores and four Virginia stores, were recently arrested for using stolen identities of children and the deceased. Reports indicate that those in charge at the 7-Eleven stores gave stolen identities to undocumented workers employed at their stores. The reason? To force them to work 100 hours per week for pay far less than minimum wage. The perpetrators also allegedly forced the employees to live in residences they controlled.

Tips from employees led authorities to investigate the convenience stores revealing that the owners had been employing such practices since the year 2000. Federal authorities are currently probing a total of 40 locations, including stores in Illinois, Florida, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. The suspects in the case are currently charged with identity theft, fraud, and concealing illegal immigrants. Identity theft can be motivated by a wide variety of reasons, but whatever the cause may be, innocent victims can find themselves in serious financial trouble. If you have become the victim of I.D. theft, do not wait to take action. Call Los Angeles identity theft victim lawyer Howard Silver at (818) 597-2610 to learn more about your rights and find the representation you need to recover from your losses.