Fewer Vehicles Recalled by Manufacturers in 2008

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Although the total number of vehicles recalled by the auto industry in 2008 declined, the total number of recall campaigns increased, reports David Shepardson at detnews.com.

Automobile manufacturers recalled 10.2 million vehicles during 2008—a decrease of almost 30 percent. Yet the total number of recall campaigns increased by over 9 percent, from 588 to 642.

This seemingly contrary situation has been created by a number of factors. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), improvements to the system which monitors vehicle defects deserve a portion of the credit. By gathering a more complete picture about the reliability and safety of cars, the NHTSA is better able to recommend corrective actions to manufacturers and dictate corrective action as necessary.

For manufacturers, public relations concerns and lemon lawsuits have helped drive down the number of vehicles recalled. Faced with increasing pressure to produce quality vehicles, auto manufacturers are investing more in quality control and monitoring programs which are improving the overall performance of vehicles. The article also cites manufacturers’ growing willingness to recall early in order to limit the total number of vehicles that will be recalled, thus keeping their costs down.

Although the good news is in for 2008, consumers should remain alert when purchasing new and used cars during the coming year. The law offices of Howard D. Silver has put together a consumer guide to the Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act (the California Lemon Law) as well as informative articles to help consumers protect themselves when shopping for a new or used car.