Fiat Chrysler May Have to Buy Back Over 500,000 Vehicles That May Be Lemons

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In a very large move by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Fiat Chrysler is being forced to make an offer to buy back over 500,000 Ram trucks along with many other vehicles. Since the large GM recall, the NHTSA has made it clear that they would be taking recalls and poorly-made vehicles much more seriously and this sanction is proving that they were being accurate in that statement.

The Ram pickups have malfunctioning steering parts that may lead to drivers losing control. Due to the fact that repairs seemed to not be fixing the steering part issue, the NHTSA is forcing Ram to offer to buy back the defective vehicles. In addition to the Rams, over a million Jeeps have a defect that can cause a fire to occur if they've involved in a rear-end collision. The NHTSA has said that Chrysler Fiat must allow the owners of these Jeeps to either trade them in or have Chrysler Fiat pay for their repairs.

In addition to allowing trade-ins or repairs to the Jeeps and buying back the Rams, Chrysler Fiat is being forced to pay a $105 million civil fine.

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Posted Date: 
Friday, July 31, 2015