Fighting Back Against Identity Thieves with Credit Freeze

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Having your identity and valuable information stolen by an identity thief can have serious consequences for the victim. Therefore, effective fight back measures need to be taken. As reported by CNN Money, although suspecting that you are an I.D. theft victim can lead to placing a fraud alert on your credit report, dealing with credit bureaus can be difficult and you can still be victimized by thieves.

More effective than a fraud alert, when you know your valuable information has been stolen, a credit freeze can put a stop to all potential illegal activity and prevent thieves from inflicting further harm. A credit freeze will restrict access to your credit report and prevent thieves from opening any new accounts with your information. Fraud alerts only put extra procedures in place to confirm one’s identity when accessing credit, meaning it is still possible for thieves to abuse your credit.

Applying a credit freeze in Southern California costs $10.00, ($5.00 for consumers older than 65). However, if you are proven to be an identity theft victim, the process is free. Applying a credit freeze is an incredibly important step to putting an end to identity theft and still allows you to access your existing credit and will not harm your preexisting business relationships. However, credit freezes are not the end-all to I.D. theft harm, as illegal lines of credit that were opened before the freeze may still be running.

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Posted Date: 
Wednesday, February 18, 2015