Florida’s Lemon Law Turns 20, Works Out Well For Consumers

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This month, Florida’s Lemon Law turned 20. The program has already given $376 million to the state’s consumers in refunds and replacements for the defective new “lemon” vehicles they bought. According to this news report, Florida’s Lemon Law program has produced refunds or replacement vehicles for more than 14,000 consumers.

Florida’s Lemon Law, like California’s, gives vehicle manufacturers a reasonable number of repair attempts to fix substantial problems in motor vehicles. If manufacturers fail to do so they are required to buy back the defective vehicle and either give the consumer a full refund or provide a replacement vehicle.

Under California Law, all consumers have the right to be told the truth about the vehicles that they are buying. That means a dealership that is selling you a used car must tell you if the car has defects or problems or was a “lemon buyback.” A dealer should also tell you what repairs or fixes were made to the vehicle that you are buying. At the same time, you also have the right to get it independently inspected by your mechanic.

If you believe you have been lied to or mislead by a dishonest dealer or shop, then it’s time to take legal action with help from the Law Offices of Howard D. Silver. With an unfair business practices lawsuit, you can get a refund of the money you paid to the dealer and hold them responsible for other costs you incurred because of their fraud. By bringing a lawsuit against these unethical businesses, you will also be stopping them from victimizing other unsuspecting consumers. If you believe you have a lemon or have been lied to about your car, call the Law Offices of Howard D. Silver for a free evaluation of your case.