GE To Stop Financing Motor Home Purchases

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General Electric Co. announced Monday, May 5th that it will stop offering loans for the purchase of boats and motor homes. The move is linked to a downward trend in the economy that began with diminishing home values, higher gas prices, and an overall lack of consumer confidence in the economy.

The lender, which currently has a $3.6-billion dollar loan portfolio, told boat and RV dealers that it would cease taking applications by July and underwriting new loans on August 1st.

“We just really looked at a lot of different alternatives and are facing a challenging environment and ultimately came to the decision that we needed to invest our resources and capital in areas where we could see good return,” Williams said.

The decision is a blow to the already hard hit recreational products sector. Makers of boats and motor homes have had a rough year as rising gas prices, a tough housing market and fears of a U.S. recession caused many consumers to scrap plans to buy big-ticket recreational items.

“The decision is another in a string of developments – diminishing home values, higher gas prices, weaker consumer confidence – that has 2008 on pace to be the worst year since 1992” for RV and boat makers, Robert W. Baird analyst Craig Kennison wrote in a note to clients.

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