Honda Recalls Popular Models Due to Ignition Defect

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Honda Motor Company has announced a recall of its popular Accord, Civic and Element models due to a defect in the ignition interlock lever. The lever is meant to prevent drivers from removing their key from the ignition before putting the car in park. ABC News reports that failure of the lever could cause cars to roll away when parked, a significant safety hazard.

The recall affects models from 2003 and 2004 and covers around 384,220 cars in the United States. An additional 44,000 vehicles in Canada are covered. The recall decision follows the release of a 2009 NHTSA inquiry confirming the safety hazard. After meeting about the study results, Honda and the NHTSA mutually determined that a recall was necessary for the defective Honda vehicles.

Honda will begin notifying individual customers in September, per the NHTSA recall guidelines. So far, eleven crashes related to the defect have been reported to the Administration.

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