I.D. Theft Tops List of FTC Complaints for 13th Year in a Row

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The recently released 2012 Annual Report by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has revealed that once again, identity theft was the number one consumer complaint. As reported by NBC News, the FTC received more than 2 million complaints, a record number for the agency.

The statistics revealed that identity theft cases involving wages or taxes increased by a significant percentage. Experts in the field told NBC that when combined with other recently released research, more than 12.6 million people were the victim of I.D. theft in 2012.

Overall, there were 369,132 identity theft complaints filed with the FTC in 2012, or 18 percent of the total. Other areas where there were a large number of complaints were debt collection, banks and lenders, catalog sales, prizes and sweepstakes, imposter scams, internet services, auto problems, phone service, and credit cards.

Identity theft scams targeting tax returns have been on the rise in recent years and are especially common during tax season. Therefore, even though identity theft occurs throughout the entire year, consumers must be extra careful in the first four months.

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