I.D. Thieves Using Affordable Care Act Enrollment as Latest Scheme

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In order to implement the Affordable Care Act in California (“Obamacare”) state officials are planning on training thousands of workers in health care enrollment procedures. However, by doing what is needed to successfully launch the new law, is the door being left open for identity thieves, asks KCRA.com.

Reports indicate that consumers may be at risk of having their valuable information stolen during the enrollment process. Additionally, the California Department of Insurance revealed it has learned of incidents in other states where I.D. thieves misrepresent themselves and their connection to the Affordable Care Act. By taking advantage of the system, thieves have been able to gain access to consumers’ Social Security numbers and other private information.

“Covered California” has stated they will subject all new hires to background checks and fingerprinting, with thousands of enrollment counselors to be trained in September and five million Californians eligible to sign up for new plans in October.

Enrollment counselors will sign up residents for healthcare plans by calling and visiting enrollees at their homes, which may expose residents to I.D. thieves posing as Covered California employees. To protect against theft, the agency has recommended that consumers ask employees for their educator number and then call Covered California to confirm that a member of their staff contacted them.

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