Identifying Car Fraud Scams Online

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car-10075375XSmall.jpgAs we’ve written about before, the increase in business being done on the internet has resulted in an increase in criminal activity.

In fact, fraudulent activity online is an insidious worldwide industry.

A Consumer Reports article that culled stats from the FBI, recently reported that customer fraud complaints rose 25 percent in 2010, with a new complaint every 90 minutes. For car related fraud, each hour, someone purchasing a car loses over $1,000.

In response to the criminal activity, the team with (as recently reported by Yahoo Autos) offered the following advice:

Don’t be sympathetic: A very common car scam involves fraudulent sellers who present fake sad stories to potential buyers about why a car is priced so low. Those conned either wind up with a lemon or no car.



  • Don’t ship: This scam usually entails a seller who asks for a deposit prior to shipping a car to a buyer. Sellers often use elaborate and convincing fake websites to carry out the transaction. And of course, the car never arrives in anyone’s driveway.
  • Don’t believe the photos: Similar to the sympathy scam, this one often shows a fake or stolen photo of a car with a drastically marked down price and personal reasons explaining the markdown (whenever a seller brings personal details into a car sale, it’s time to walk).
  • Don’t use the wire with unknown sellers: Wire services like Money Gram and Western Union are playgrounds for scam artists, as they don’t have to offer proof of a good exchange for the money and can act anonymously.

If there’s one golden rule to extract from the plethora of scam it’s: if it seems too good to be true, it is! If you’ve been the victim of car fraud, contact Los Angeles used car fraud lawyer Howard D. Silver at (855) 341-2611 today.