Identity Theft Tied into Wrongful L.A. Jailings

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Recent investigations have found that there have been more than 1,480 occurrences of unjust imprisonment over the past five years by the Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Department, sometimes as a result of wrongfully identifying the criminal. Interestingly, identity theft has been part of the problem, with victims of the crime being accused of perpetrating unlawful activity by someone using their names, according to The Los Angeles Times.

When a person is victimized by identity theft, he or she is often left to clean up the mess that has been left by the perpetrators. Identity theft victims can be subject to debt that has been accrued by wrongdoers and may be subject to unfair debt collection practices by companies they now owe money to. Debt collection agencies may call repeatedly, misrepresent the amount owed, or practice a number of different unfair practices in order to be paid.

When compounded by identity theft problems, the sudden and illegally-created debt caused by criminal activity can wreak havoc in a person’s life. Without the help of an experienced identity theft attorney, a victim may not be able to wipe the unfair debt from his or her record or stop credit bureaus from attempting to collect what he or she does not truly owe.

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