Importance of Documenting Car "Symptoms" on Repair Orders

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It may not always be easy to determine whether your vehicle is a lemon. One major indicator, though, could be if you’ve had to take your car to the dealer to be repaired several times for the same problem, yet that problem still persists. A article emphasizes the important role of documentation when a car owner is getting their vehicle repaired. This is especially vital when the repair attempts are not successful and the problem keeps coming back, or rather, never really goes away.

The article addresses the lemon law in Connecticut, also referred to as the Automobile Dispute Settlement Program. Apparently, the Automobile Dispute Settlement Program provided $1,063,000 in refunds and replacement vehicles to consumers from 2009-2010. The program has given consumers almost $55 million in refunds and replacement cars since 1984.

Each time you take your car to the dealer to be repaired, make sure that the specific problem, or "symptom," is accurately documented on each repair order. You may even want to keep your own personal documentation of the problem by describing the issue in its entirety and, if it applies, specific incidents when the problem affected the safety, value, and performance of your vehicle.

Auto shops are responsible for providing consumers with a written repair order when a vehicle is picked up. Be sure that the repair order contains your complaint, the date, the mechanic’s proposed diagnosis and solution, as well as the amount paid for service. If these or additional details are not included in your repair order, ask the auto shop to update the order and give you a revised copy. This information will be critical if you are seeking repair compensation, a replacement vehicle, or a refund and need to prove certain information regarding repeated repairs attempted on your vehicle.

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