Important Steps to Follow When Buying a Used Car in California

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Recently, an article in provided information for consumers looking to purchase a used car. Paying attention to these useful tips can help you avoid unfair or deceptive business practices by a private seller or used car dealer.

First and foremost, a consumer looking to purchase a used vehicle needs to understand they will need to do a little legwork to ensure they are purchasing a quality vehicle. First, you should obtain a vehicle history report using the vehicle identification number (VIN). Typically, these reports cost about $35, but they are well worth it. The report will contain the vehicle’s ownership history, accident(s), and odometer readings. The report can also tell you if the vehicle has a fraudulent title. However, even if the car appears okay on the report, you should have it inspected by a mechanic. You should also test-drive the vehicle and takes photographs, taking careful note of the vehicle’s VIN, damage, and take odometer readings. Only when you are certain the vehicle is not defective or misrepresented should you begin negotiating the price with the seller.

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