Increase in Auto Sales from Rebate Program: Does the Lemon Law Still Apply?

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This summer has shown how far a little innovation can go when it comes to giving consumers incentive that really works in purchasing vehicles, especially in a struggling economy. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s CARS rebate program, also known as cash for clunkers, proved successful as consumers traded-in their cars for more fuel efficient vehicles, receiving credit starting at $3,500 and up to $4,500.

According to a report, foreign automakers finished the sales race ahead of domestic automakers. Out of the estimated 700,000 autos purchased through CARS, 61.4% were foreign-made cars. With so many new vehicles hitting the road, particularly those that have been sitting on car dealership lots for an extended period of time, many consumers may be wondering if the California lemon law applies to vehicles purchased through the CARS program.

The answer of whether or not your vehicle bought through the program falls under the lemon law in California depends on the reasonable amount of attempts the manufacturer has made to fix your vehicle. Overall, if the vehicle you obtained through the rebate initiative turns out to be defective in some way and a lemon law candidate, it is highly possible that you may be able to get your money back or have your vehicle replaced.

Discovering that your car is a lemon can bring about many challenges and unpleasant circumstances; however, as a consumer, you have rights that manufacturers and dealers must not violate. Howard D. Silver has assisted many consumers in receiving proper funds or auto replacement for the lemon vehicle. For more information on the California lemon law, contact skilled lemon law attorney Howard D. Silver today by calling (855) 341-2611.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015