Inflation and Retention Defects Cause Continental Tire Recall

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Continental Tire the Americas, LLC, has issued a recall affecting approximately 1,700 of its motorcycle tires. The recall is due to concerns about the tire inflation and retention abilities, according to

Problems with their tires may cause them to wear unevenly, cause groove cracking, and possibly belt lift. If this happens, the tires may unexpectedly lose inflation pressure, which can cause a lack of control. As motorcycles are highly dependent on balance and control, a problem with one tire can quickly lead to a crash. The reasons behind the problem have not been disclosed.

The recalled tires are Continental ContiMotion radials size 180/60R16 M/C 74H, sold in the U.S. replacement market and elsewhere. The tires can be identified by the DOT serial numbers (H60LJJE5110 through H60LJJE3811) found on the tires.

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