IRS Vows to Give More Support to I.D. Theft Victims as Tax Season Approaches

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Tax season is not only an important time for consumers throughout the United States, it is a major target for identity thieves. In fact, in anticipation of identity theft that targets tax returns, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has stated that it is more prepared than ever to fight these crimes. In the past several years, identity theft schemes targeting tax returns have grown far beyond the capacity of government control. Sadly, authorities on both the local and federal level did not have enough training or resources to spot and stop these schemes. To better curb the amount of crimes, IRS officials are training local authorities on how to find thieves easier. Additionally, they are enhancing screening filters to keep payments from being sent to false recipients and intend to prosecute and punish more criminals. I.D. theft victim lawyer Howard D. Silver is dedicated to protecting those who have been hurt by these crimes. Through skilled representation, the Law Offices of Howard D. Silver can help end your continuing losses and restore your damaged bank accounts and credit. To learn more about how we can help call (855) 341-2611.

Posted Date: 
Wednesday, February 18, 2015