Japanese Cars Still Dominate in Reliability Tests

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Every year, Consumer Reports magazine issues a ranking of the most reliable cars based on an intricately tailored set of criteria. The magazine analyzes data from a combination of cumulative tests on automakers' models and predicted reliability based on reader responses. The magazine’s 2009 findings produced some surprising insights that may run counter to public thought.

Japanese and Korean cars dominate in reliability, with 36 of the top 48 highest reliability scores. All Hondas and Acuras scored above average reliability, while larger companies like Toyota and Nissan produced very few vehicles scoring below average. American brands Dodge, Cadillac and Chrysler rounded out the bottom of the pack.

Perhaps the most unexpected finding from the study was that many luxury brands proved less reliable than more affordable models. Inexpensive small cars and mid-sized family sedans proved to be the most reliable vehicles by category. Luxury brands BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz fell within the bottom third.

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