Japanese Government Issues Warning to Mitsubishi for Delayed Recalls

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The Transportation Ministry of Japan recently warned Mitsubishi Motor Corp. that it must recall vehicles faster than in the past. As reported by The Chicago Tribune, Japanese government officials found multiple instances of delayed investigations and recalls concerning vehicle problems.

The Transportation Ministry concluded an investigation that found Mitsubishi delaying finding  the cause of an oil leak problem for two years. The defect eventually led to four recalls from 2010 through 2012,  affecting 1.76 million vehicles. Additionally, the ministry reported instances of not responding quickly enough to reports of problems from dealers and giving inappropriate explanations concerning recalls.

An official from Japan’s Transportation Ministry stated that Mitsubishi should “come up with plans for improvement, implement them, and report them to the ministry.”

The auto manufacturer has had problems concerning the speed of recalls and policies concerning vehicle complaints in the past. Recently, Mitsubishi has issued multiple recalls affecting plug-in hybrid cars and overheating of lithium-ion batteries.

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