Jeep Cherokee Fuel Tank Possibly Tied to Post-Crash Fires

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The NHTSA has launched an investigation into an issue with the fuel tanks of three million 1993-2004 model Jeep Grand Cherokees, according to the U.S. News & World Report. The Administration has received several reports suggesting that the placement of the fuel tank puts it at high risk of leaking or rupture in the event of an accident. The release of fuel during such an accident could pose a significant fire hazard.

A reported 13 deaths may be linked to the defect in ten different crashes. Watchdog groups contend that the number is much higher. However, the NHTSA has qualified that "the existence of these post-crash fires does not, by itself, establish a defect trend.” Their investigation will hopefully determine conclusively whether the fuel tank placement directly impacts the severity of post-crash fires and whether the problem warrants issuing a recall of affected vehicles.

Chrysler, the maker of the Cherokee, maintains that the vehicle is in compliance with all national safety standards.

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