Largest Toyota Recall in History Targets 7.5 Million Vehicles for Power Switch Fires

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Toyota Motor Corporation has announced its largest recall ever in its 75-year history, affecting 7.5 million vehicles across the world, with 2.5 million in the United States. As announced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the recall is due to power window switch defects that have already caused hundreds of fires and at least nine injuries.

As reported by The Los Angeles Times, the defect stems from improper lubrication of power window master switch assemblies, which can cause the devices to malfunction and overheat, leading to the switches melting, smoking, and possibly catching fire.




The following are the makes and models of the vehicles in the U.S. that have been recalled by Toyota.

  • Pontiac Vibe – 2009
  • Toyota Camry – 2007-2009
  • Toyota Camry HV – 2007-2009
  • Toyota Corolla – 2009
  • Toyota Corolla Matrix – 2009
  • Toyota Highlander – 2008
  • Toyota Highlander Hybrid – 2008
  • Toyota RAV4 – 2007-2009
  • Toyota Scion XB – 2008-2009
  • Toyota Scion XD – 2008-2009
  • Toyota Sequoia – 2008-2009
  • Toyota Tundra – 2007-2008
  • Toyota Yaris – 2007-2009

Toyota has announced that it will be notifying owners of the recall and that its dealers will inspect the vehicles, coat the assemblies with a grease designed to prevent heat buildup, and replace damaged switches as necessary, without charge.

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