Lemon Buybacks Investigated by Washington Attorney General

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McCann Motors, a Cadillac, Hummer and Saab auto dealer based in Fife, Washington, is being investigated by the Washington Attorney General regarding cars the dealership bought at a California auction after the vehicles were flagged as having possible auto defects. According to an article in the Business Examiner, the state Attorney General accused the dealership of selling the defective vehicles without providing all of the disclosure documentation mandated by state law. The investigation involved 79 cars that were bought in California and resold in Washington.

State attorneys and dealership officials reached an agreement in which the dealership agreed to pay $12,000 in fees and contact buyers to resolve the matter – all without admitting any wrongdoing. While those who purchased the vehicles signed paperwork that included notices that the cars had been repurchased under a California Lemon buyback law, the extent of the notification did not apparently include all the disclosures required by the law in Washington State.

Used car fraud is forbidden in this state by the California Consumer Legal Remedies Act, which prohibits used vehicle dealers from using unfair and deceptive business practices to sell their products. Not disclosing that the car is a “lemon buyback” or that the original owner returned the vehicle for a refund is a common type of used car fraud.

Victims of used car fraud in California should approach the dealer first for a resolution of the problem relating to the contract or warranty. If you are not successful with the dealer you may have to file a lawsuit to get your money back. In a used car fraud lawsuit, you may be able to recover the cost of the car, cost of repairs, rental car coverage, attorney’s fees or any other expenses related to the lemon vehicle. If you or someone you know has been a victim of used car fraud, please call the Law Office of Howard Silver for a free consultation.