Lemon Law and the State of Washington

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As the first of many blog posts to cover the lemon law across the United States, this post will specifically discuss the lemon law in Washington.

In Washington, the lemon law covers the majority of new motor vehicles that were originally leased or purchased by a consumer in the state of Washington. However, if you are in the military and live or were assigned to reside in Washington, you may use the Washington lemon law regardless of where your motor vehicle was leased or purchased if it meets the other eligibility requirements and standards.

Washington lemon law does not cover the following motor vehicles:

  • Trucks with over a 19,000 lbs gross weight rating;
  • Motorcycles that have engine displacements of 750 cubic centimeters or less; and
  • Motor vehicles leased or purchased by a business as part of a convoy of 10 vehicles or more, under a single or group contract.

The “eligibility period” for the Washington lemon law is repairs or diagnoses that occur within two years of the vehicle’s delivery date and within 24,000 miles.

The state of Washington’s lemon law has coverage for two kinds of defects: nonconformities and serious safety defects. A nonconformity defect is a defect that “substantially impairs” the motor vehicle’s use, value, or safety, and makes the vehicle unsafe and unreliable for regular use or has diminished resale value. A serious safety defect is a malfunction that is deemed life-threatening and impairs a driver’s ability to operate or control the vehicle or creates the risk of explosion or fire. The Washington lemon law does not apply when the damage or problem is the result of negligence or abuse by the owner or any unauthorized alterations or modifications made to the motor vehicle by the owner.

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