Lemon Law Coverage in New York

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The New York lemon law is similar to what exists in other parts of the United States. There are rules protecting both new and used car owners from vehicles that require multiple repair attempts for a problem that affects the use, value or safety of the vehicle.

The New York new car lemon law applies to vehicles that have less than 18,000 total miles or are under two years old. When the vehicle has a serious problem or defect that is not fixed after four or more repairs or is out of service for a minimum of 30 days, it can qualify as a lemon. If a consumer then goes to arbitration and wins, he or she can receive either their money back minus an allowance subtracted for mileage or a replacement vehicle that is comparable to the car in question. Used cars that are purchased with less than 18,000 miles may also be classified as new cars.

When a car is purchased or leased from a dealer with over 18,000 miles or is older than two years, it is subject to the New York used car lemon law. Dealers must provide a warranty for used vehicles in the following manner:

  • A 90 day/4,000 miles warranty for cars that have under 36,000 miles;
  • A 60 day/3,000 miles warranty for cars that have between 36,000 and 80,000 miles; and
  • A 30 day/1,000 miles warranty for cars that have between 80,000 and 100,000 miles.

Whatever state you’re in, the lemon law can be complicated. That’s why you may need an experienced attorney to sort through the details and get the best results possible. If you believe your car is a lemon, the Ontario, CA lemon law lawyer Howard D. Silver can help you today. Call (866) 49-LEMON for a complimentary consultation on your case.