The Lemon Law in Kansas

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The Kansas lemon law covers new motor vehicles that are sold or leased in that state and weigh 12,000 pounds or less. The law does not cover customized parts of vehicles that have been added or adjusted by second stage manufacturers, or first or second stage converters. The Kansas lemon law also does not cover used vehicles.

In Kansas, a consumer is given protection under the lemon law if a vehicle defect is discovered during the term of the warranty or within one year after delivery of the vehicle. During this time period, a vehicle is considered to be a lemon if:

  • Four attempts to repair the same nonconformity have been made, and the nonconformity impairs the use or value of the vehicle;
  • The vehicle is out of service for 30 calendar days; or
  • Ten attempts to repair any nonconformity have been made, which impair the use or value of the vehicle.

Also, the consumer must report the nonconformity to the manufacturer, its agent, or authorized dealer during the specified time period. However, the necessary repairs must be made even if the warranty or the one year period has expired.

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