Lemon Law Protection in Indiana

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Whatever location you’re in, a consumer must be aware of their rights under that state’s lemon law. While most state lemon laws are similar, knowing what the differences are is important.

For example, for those seeking lemon law protection in Indiana, the vehicle nonconformity or defect must be subject to at least four unsuccessful repair attempts or be at the manufacturer’s authorized repair facility for warranty repairs a cumulative total of not less than 30 business days during the warranty period. Also, contrary to California, the manufacturer, not the consumer, gets to decide whether to offer a replacement vehicle or the consumer’s money back.

Getting your money back means receiving the contract price of the vehicle minus a usage fee based on the number of miles traveled with the car before the refund, sales tax, registration fees, excise taxes, finance charges, and the cost of all options added by the dealer. For a replacement, the new vehicle cannot result in a greater financial obligation than what the consumer had originally.

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