Lemon Law Resale Law Violated by Used Car Dealer

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Fife, Washington Dealer Violates Lemon Law Resale Rules

McCann Motors, a used car dealer based in Washington State, was recently dinged by the WA Attorney General's Office for selling Hummers and Escalades to over six dozen customers in a violation of rules regarding lemon law disclosures. The dealership originally purchased the vehicles under a California Lemon Buyback Law. However, through deceptive business practices, McCann Motors failed to notify buyers of potential defects or to provide disclosure notifications.

A settlement was reached in which the dealership paid out approximately $12,000 to cover the costs and fees associated with the customers’ suit. Doug Walsh, a consumer protection advocate, went on record saying that the people who bought these used Cadillac Escalades and Hummers probably paid significantly more for their used vehicles than they would have, had they been allowed to review the Lemon Law disclosures.

According to Washington state law, used car dealers must place yellow flyers in the windows of trucks or autos that reveal previous defects or damage done to the vehicles. This is because said damage may portend mechanical problems to come and can influence insurance costs and the future selling value of the vehicles.

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